Friday, September 9, 2011

Here we go!

Moving forward from the last post...

Floors washed (check)
Tables dusted (check)
Bathroom de-haired (check)
Bed made (check)
Positive attitude in place (check)

And advice from Mark from the last time I went through this:

Toilet flushed (check)
Wine in fridge for later (check)

I am all ready to get back on this roller coaster and for caseworker 3's (cw3) visit at noon!

Happy Friday, people!!!

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MakingSpace said...

Best wishes!!!

Amy said...

Well?? How'd it go? I need details! And where is Rebs moving to?

Mark said...

Waiting to hear how it went. I would assume that it went easier because there is only one parenting style to critique. Unlike Fred and me who argue in front of our caseworkers. Not kidding.
Take care. m.

Angie Lee said...

love it that you flushed the toilet. you'll get a kid now for sure. :)