Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Weekend..

Valentines Day is our big holiday... (even if it really isn't a holiday).. to celebrate US. We don't buy Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving is for family, Easter we don't really.. "do" at the moment. So I really like celebrating our love at V-day.

She has had no idea what I was planning, so I made a crossword puzzle filled with clues. Did you know that you can do that for free online? I didn't! So, she filled it out and realized that we are escaping for the weekend.. I got a cute little hotel room, we are going to see a play, and she LOVES gardening... so we are going to a landscaping and gardening expo as well. I think she was really surprised!

I have been hella sick with the walking death (a really bad cold) but I am getting to the point where I can kind of keep awake for more than an hour at a time. I am going to make the BEST of this get away!!!! DAMMIT!!!!

PS. Caseworker Numero Three has called us and we have another meeting with her on Tuesday-- just to get to know us better. I am thinking of baking cookies... would that be a little over the top? :/

I hope everyone is well :)


paradykes said...

Have a great romantic weekend! You never know when you'll get your next one once a baby comes along! As far as the new case worker, I'd bake lots of cookies, it couldn't hurt. I hope this meeting goes great and she see's what great momma's you guys would make.

Anonymous said...

Where are you going?

Mark said...

Case., have a great time! I don't really do Valentines Day which really pisses Fred off. It's just too much pressure. But I will buy some flowers just to shut him up.
Enjoy your time!
Your Friend, m.

MakingSpace said...

Hope you're having a wonderful time, and yes, bake the cookies!!

Angie said...

now that, true love. hahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!

did you guys have a good time casey????

CJ said...

That WOULD be a little Stepford Wives of you....better to bake them, let her smell the goodness, but keep them out of site! Ha ha!