Thursday, January 15, 2009

I suppose

There is lots of stuff happening right now..

My brother, age 46, had his third stroke. He is staying with my parents. We are having a family meeting to go over information and figure out a plan to get him better. Fingers crossed, please- that he agrees to this plan...and realizes that we love him.

Mic and I are going to be selling Wildtree products.. we are really excited about it.. mainly because you don' t have to sell ANYTHING. We went to a party at a friends house, and we loved it so much, and it is good for you.. all natural, no preservatives, no msg, all made in a peanut free facility.. and we know so many people the products will benefit!!!! We have told a handfull of people and already have 3 parties booked. Just like that. More details and photos and stuff to come. I think the products will be of interest to the TTC and parenting communities... I will get more information to those interested.

In the first 9 days of January we had 21 familes we were assisting at the funeral home. It has been crazy busy. It was obvious that people rallied to get through just ONE more holiday-- and then gently went to heaven.

OH! I never posted about NYE.. it was SO . SO. SO. FUN!!! The group of women were great-- my friends from work showed up and blended right in... I had a great time. I can honestly say that it was the best NYE I have had. I think the last group of guests that left at 3:45am would agree :)

OH! I hear the door, my honey and my pup are home... time to give some love.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you are back. I'm thinking of you and Tim.