Tuesday, September 27, 2011

decision made.

I will be moving to another blog. I don't want the memories that I have written here to be forgotten.. I just want to move along. I have had many "blogs" in the past. All different parts of my life. On Blurty and LiveJournal and Wordpress and here. I have met great friends from all of them. Literally. Blurty brought me my Anne... and a few more, LJ brought me my friend Johnny and others.. and Blogger has brought me all of you.

Pages are being turned and new chapters are beginning...documenting change (but mostly my boring life) has always been something I have enjoyed.

I will be thinking of a name today and doing some set up. If you are interested in getting the new address, just email me at ihaverightstoo at yahoo dot com.

I hope that you follow as I have LOVED reading all of your comments... and all of the support you have given me has not gone unnoticed. You have all touched my life...



Mark said...

This is so exciting!!!!
See how boring my life is that I would find this exciting.
I'll email you.

Amy said...

Me me me! Tell me the new name!

MakingSpace said...

Just emailed you, definitely want in on the new blog!

BG said...

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